Creative Director Erin Lackey To Participate In Palm Springs Photo Festival

We are pleased to announce that Erin Lackey, Creative Director at Jugular, has been invited to attend the Palm Springs Photo Festival as a Faculty member conducting Portfolio Review as well as sitting on the Slideshow Contest jury.

The review is one of the festival’s main draws, and Erin joins a lineup of highly-experienced and well-regarded reviewers from publications such as Vanity Fair, New York and Vogue, as well as brands including Nike and Google, among a host of other agency professionals, gallery directors, publishers and more.

Participants in the review include some of the most talented up-and-coming and established photographers working today. Erin will meet with nearly 25 attendees over two days of work, mainly those with a collection of food and beverage photography. She and her scheduled guests will engage in conversation on their selections, and she will provide them with face-to-face feedback.   

The festival also features multi-day workshops conducted by a host of renowned photographers, as well as networking events, slideshow photo contests, and nightly seminars.

Erin’s participation in the portfolio review at the Palm Springs Photo Festival follows her previous invitation and work at NYCFotoWorks.

Other Reviewers of Note:

  • Jennifer Aborn, Visuals Editor for the Creative Group at Condé Nast

  • Ron Beinner, Senior Contributing Photography Producer at Vanity Fair

  • Anna Dickson, Photo Lead for the Content and Community team at Google

  • Suzanne Donaldson, Sr. Director of Creative Production in Global Brand Imaging at Nike

  • Chelsea Kyle, Photo Editor at Epicurious

  • Maria Lokke, Photo Editor at WIRED

  • Jodi Peckman, Creative Director of Rolling Stone Magazine

  • Maya Robinson, Art Director, Photography & Visuals, for New York Magazine

  • Emily Rosser, Senior Visual Editor at Vogue magazine

  • Gabriel Sanchez, Photo Essay Editor, BuzzFeed News

  • Gabrielle Sirkin, Freelance Photo Editor at AirBnB Magazine

  • Susan White, Director of Photography at Vanity Fair Magazine

Erin Lackey